Reservations & Seating Policy

At The Weinhard Grill, we aim fist and foremost to serve our customers.

Our philosophy starts with ‘do what we do well,’ which unfortunately may not always be well suited for all groups & parties. Please read on to understand where we’re coming from and some of our limitations.  

TWG has one large table to accommodate a maximum party size of 8 guests at any time. Limiting the number of guests we serve at the same time in large parties ensures the quality and timeliness of service to all our guests; reducing over-stretching our kitchen staff and compromising quality, stretching our servers too thin and affecting quality and wait times for all!

TWG can often accommodate parties of 5-6 in other sections by timing how our tables are sat. We would love to meet every customers individual requests but have defined our limitations due to the space constraints of our restaurant and our staffing limitations. Running a small business is tough doings these days, with regulations & government imposing in many areas that used to be determined by market conditions, but we digress and simply do our best each day.

A limited number of tables may be connected to accommodate additional parties of 6 guests. However, TWG does not connect tables in more than one section as we believe our commitment is not only to the customer, but also to creating a working environment for our employees that is most conducive to them serving our customers well. ADA accessibility, clear paths and age restrictions are also factored in and considered to lessen overall liability we may face.

We are honored you choose us for your dining experience and hope you try us again if our establishment does not meet individual needs at this time for your group size, first visit or reservation inquiry we hope that you’ll give us another try soon!